The Story Behind Steve Tan

There are lots of people out there selling ecommerce products and systems for making money. There are thousands and thousands of such products available on the Internet sold by various entrepreneurs.

One of these entrepreneurs is Steve Tan. He is the creator of The Ultimate Ecom System, which is one of those products available to help buyers make money.

As of this time, the membership to the Ultimate Ecom System is closed, which means that right now you cannot buy the system. This keeps the number of people who have access to the information contained in the system from becoming too high. If everyone has access to the information, it is no longer valuable or useful to the new people buying it.

Steve Tan’s name and picture are on his website along with the product. This helps to cultivate a feeling of trust between those who want to buy the product and the owner of the business. It makes the customer feel like they have a personal relationship with the creator of the product they are about to buy.

ConversionPirate founder, Karlo, states that the creators of The Ultimate Ecom System, Steve and Evan Tan, are the biggest superstars of Shopify.

This relationship helps make people feel more comfortable giving him their money. When you buy something like the Ultimate Ecom System, you are buying the creator’s knowledge. Before you buy, you want to feel that this knowledge is going to have value. If you have a relationship with the creator, then you feel like they have value and therefore their knowledge has value.

It also helps to drive sales because people see the pictures of Mr. Tan and want to be him. He’s happy, smiling, and successful. They believe that if they buy his products, they will be happy and successful just like him. It might not be a conscious thought, but on some level they want to copy the happiness he is displaying in those pictures.

And who wouldn’t want to be him? He sells knowledge that he’s already gathered to others to help them make money. There’s not much work he needs to do now, except to market his system to drive sales. The product already exists, the work is already done, now he just has to get people to buy it while enjoying the money he’s making.

What Steve is really selling is a dream. A dream of being able to make money without having to hold down a traditional job. Being able to work on your own schedule without sacrificing the things you enjoy because you can’t afford them. The photos of a smiling Steve Tan say “I can dream this dream and make it a reality, and if you buy my products, you can make that dream a reality too.”

The Ultimate Ecom System and Steve Tan are inseparable. The system cannot exist with him, because his face on the product is what sells the product. He’s not really selling the product at all, he’s selling himself and the dream of being him. We all want to be rich without having to work at it for 20 years, and this system promises us that.

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