Super Tan Bros: Utilization of Shopify ECommerce

When did Shopify ecommerce sneak in there? Amazon took over the digital marketplace awhile back, and of course regular brick and mortar stores like Walmart have an online presence as well. What is the big deal with Shopify? It has a ring to it, and it makes people think of the music streaming giant Spotify. Is Shopify going to stick around?

First of all, let’s identify the fact that Shopify helps you set up your own online store. This take on the ecommerce platform is a little different. But wait, doesn’t Amazon already let people sell merchandise? And what about eBay? There are other online platforms as well, so what’s so great about Shopify?

People say that it is very easy to set up and extremely user-friendly. That’s certainly a plus and a reason why people might look into a newer platform. Online sellers also sometimes look for multiple platforms to use, so if a new one catches on, well, it’s going to be on people’s radars.

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Another reason why Shopify ecommerce is so popular is that reviews mention that there aren’t really any tech worries. People say that this ecommerce platform is also supposed to be reliable and secure as well. And to boot, Shopify offers great 24/7 customer support.

Amazon and eBay were mentioned earlier. While these sites are the company’s competitors, you have to understand that there are also partnerships in play. One great thing about this company, too, is that it is definitely mobile ready. That is a must, but it still helps to clarify that you can expect Shopify to be mobile friendly to the max.

As you can imagine, that also means that Shopify is able to be customized quite easily. And as you might already know, the company has a great app. Have you used the app already? The company also offers some excellent marketing tools, and that includes SEO as well. To top it all off, the company has its own payment gateway as well, which makes a big difference.

There are so many reasons that people prefer Shopify. The company has grown over the past few years significantly. Its current share price in relation to earnings doesn’t make me want to be an investor, but it is a good company nonetheless. The share price has soared over the last few years after the IPO. Shopify seems to have solidified its space in terms of ecommerce.

If you look at what other investors have to say, it is unclear as to whether or not the company will be able to pull it off in the long run. I mentioned the earnings per share for the company wasn’t all that, but people are surely paying attention to the company anyway. It remains to be seen what will happen with Shopify, but I would say they are here to stay for quite some time. What do you think about the company? It’s hard to argue that they are going anywhere anytime soon, save for improving their stance in the online marketplace.

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