Super Tan Bros: Utilization of Shopify ECommerce

When did Shopify ecommerce sneak in there? Amazon took over the digital marketplace awhile back, and of course regular brick and mortar stores like Walmart have an online presence as well. What is the big deal with Shopify? It has a ring to it, and it makes people think of the music streaming giant Spotify. Is Shopify going to stick around?

First of all, let’s identify the fact that Shopify helps you set up your own online store. This take on the ecommerce platform is a little different. But wait, doesn’t Amazon already let people sell merchandise? And what about eBay? There are other online platforms as well, so what’s so great about Shopify?

People say that it is very easy to set up and extremely user-friendly. That’s certainly a plus and a reason why people might look into a newer platform. Online sellers also sometimes look for multiple platforms to use, so if a new one catches on, well, it’s going to be on people’s radars. Continue reading “Super Tan Bros: Utilization of Shopify ECommerce”

Get Trained For Success with Steve Tan Ecommerce Programs and Retreats

Steve Tan is one of the leading online entrepreneurs and e-commerce gurus. His online store sales go over seven figures a month. That says it all! He and his brother have been in the game for well over a decade and have seen their share of ups and downs.

Steve has become known for sharing the amazing knowledge he has amassed with would-be online business owners so that they can learn the secrets to success. He has seen failures with a few disastrous startups in cosmetics and with a Groupon-like startup in Shanghai.

He developed his own watch, the Kreyos, in 2012 but the launch failed to earn him what he wanted even though it was not a total failure for a crowdfunded smartwatch. Not wanting to get into the 9 to 5 world, Steve had no choice but to keep at it until he saw success again.

Using a time-tested method that he and his brother created to test products before scaling them, he eventually created a store where he was able to earn $360,000 in a day. His success continues on Shopify and with Facebook ads.

He is the creator of the Ultimate Ecom System and Steve Tan ecommerce retreats are available around the world at various times of the year. He offers in-depth training for those who attend. For anyone who cannot afford to pay for his Mastermind retreats, he provides lots of free information on Youtube where he is frequently interviewed by other e-commerce professionals. Continue reading “Get Trained For Success with Steve Tan Ecommerce Programs and Retreats”